Kenya Kiserian and Olasiti

The Olasiti Project is a community-based project with the aim of providing young people and children in the community with access to primary education and community empowerment initiatives. The primary school in Olasiti was established in 2012 and registered as a government school in 2015 and currently services Baby Class to Class 6. Other projects may include workshops and/or tailor-made strategies to aid the local families sustainably. 

On the other hand, The Tania Integrated Centre is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) which caters for children with physical impairments and other special needs. The Centre is registered as a charitable children’s institution with the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development and currently services children aged 2 to 17, focusing on their education, life skills and care.

Major Projects:

  • Teacher & Cook Salaries
  • Utilities Running Cost
  • School Feeding Programme
  • Educational Resources
  • Students Sponsorship
  • Agriculture and water security project in the Rift valley

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